Guest House
Accommodations include 2 bedrooms with
queen beds, a fully equipped and modern
kitchen and bathroom, living room, a study
and an upstairs sitting room that can also
be used as an additional sleeping area. All
told, the Strong Inn comfortably
accommodates 4-6 people.
"Mabel (Hoerner)
learned to make
applesauce from her
grandmother and,
throughout her life,
made the best
applesauce for all to
-Excerpt from Pioneering on
Route 66 and Beyond
Bonnie Jean Hoerner
Guests at the Strong Inn conduct their
own housekeeping and are
encouraged to bring their own food and
utilize the kitchen and outdoor grill.
"Observe and obey all
these words which I
command you, that it may
go well with you and your
children after you forever,
when you do what is good
and right in the sight of the
Lord your God."  Deut 12:28
The Strong Inn

Amenities include:
  • Fully equipped laundry room
  • Grill and outdoor seating
  • Cable TV/Dish
  • Internet Access

Rental rate is $175.00 per night,
$895.00 per week and $2,000 per
month. Choose Reservations from the
menu at right to reserve your stay
Pets: For an additional fee of $50 per
day, pets may be kept in a secure
kennel or cage in the attached garage. If
your pets leave the house, local
Manhattan leash laws apply.